Polymer Emulsifier

Polymer Emulsifier

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Polymer Emulsifier is a network polymer copolymerized by DMDAAC, other cationic monomers and diene crosslinker.

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colorless to light green

viscous liquid

Solid content (%)


pH value (1% aqueous solution)


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It is mainly used for emulsification of AKD wax, and for preparation of high-performance neutral or alkaline internal sizing agents and surface sizing agents, so as to give full play to the sizing performance of AKD wax and reduce the sizing cost of paper making.

Product characteristics

This network-structure polymer emulsifier is the upgraded product of the original AKD curing agent, which has higher positive charge density, stronger coating power so as to more easily emulsify AKD wax.

When the AKD emulsion prepared by polymer emulsifier is used as surface sizing agent, combining with aluminum sulfate, it can greatly increase the curing speed of AKD sizing. The general packaging paper can achieve more than 80% sizing degree after rewinding.

When the AKD emulsion prepared by polymer emulsifier is used as neutral or alkaline sizing agent, the retention rate of emulsion can be greatly improved, so that the higher sizing degree can be achieved under the same dosage, or the dosage of sizing agent can be reduced under the same sizing degree.

Usage method

(take inputting 250kg AKD wax to make 15% AKD emulsion for example)

I. In the melting tank, put 250kg AKD, heat and stir to 75 ℃ and reserve.

II. Put 6.5kg dispersant agent N into a small bucket with 20kg hot water (60-70 ℃), stir slightly, mix evenly and reserve.

III. Put 550Kg water into the high-shear tank, start stirring (3000 rpm), put in the mixed dispersant N, stir and heat, when the temperature gets up to 40-45 ℃, put in 75kg polymer emulsifier, and put in the melted AKD wax when the temperature reaches 75-80 ℃. Keep the temperature at 75-80 ℃, continue stirring for 20 minutes, enter the high-pressure homogenizer for homogenization twice. During the first homogenization, the low pressure is 8-10mpa, the high pressure is 20-25mpa. After homogenization, enter the intermediate tank. During the second homogenization, the low pressure is 8-10mpa, the high pressure is 25-28mpa. After homogenization, bring down the temperature to 35-40 ℃ by the plate-type condenser, and enter the end product tank.

IV. At the same time, put 950kg water (the optimum temperature of water is 5-10 ℃) and 5kg zirconium oxychloride into the end product tank, start stirring is (ordinary stirring, rotating speed is 80-100rpm). After the material liquid is all put into the end product tank, put 50kg hot water into the high-shear tank, after homogenization, put into the end product tank, in order to wash the homogenizer and pipelines, in case of the continuous production of the homogenizer, finish in the final tank.

V. After homogenization, continue to stir for 5 minutes, bring down the temperature below 25 ℃ to discharge the end product.


- The dosage of dispersant is 2.5% - 3% of AKD wax.

- The dosage of polymer emulsifier is 30% ± 1 of AKD wax.

- The dosage of zirconium oxychloride is 2% of AKD wax.

- Control the solid content in the high-shear tank at 30% + 2, which helps to reduce the particle size of the AKD emulsion.

Package and storage

Package: plastic IBC Drum

Shelf life: 1 year at 5-35℃



Q1: How can I get a sample?
A: We could provide small amount free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex ,DHL ACCOUNT) for sample arrangement. Or you can pay it though Alibaba by your credit card, no extra bank charges

Q2. How to know the exact price for this product?
A: Provide your email address or any other contact details. We will reply you a latest and exact price immediately.

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A: We are Trade Assurance supplier, Trade Assurance protects online orders when payment is made through

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A: We have our own complete quality management system, before loading we will test all batches of the chemicals. Our product quality is well recognized by many markets.

Q6: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P etc. we can discuss to get an agreement together

Q7:How to use decoloring agent?
A:The best method is to use it together with PAC+PAM, which has the lowest processing cost. The detailed guidence is avalible,welcome to contact us.

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