Anionic SAE Surface sizing agent LSB-02

Anionic SAE Surface sizing agent LSB-02

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Surface sizing agent LSB-02 is a new type of surface sizing agent that synthesized by copolymerization of styrene and ester. It can efficiently combine with starch result with good cross link intensity and hydrophobic properties. With lower dosage, lower cost and easy use advantages, it has good film-forming and strengthening property to writing paper, copy paper and other fine papers.

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Appearance Brown beige liquid
Solid Content (%) 25.0±2.0
Viscosity ≤30mpa.s(25℃)
PH 2-4
Ionic Weak Anionic
Solution Ability Easily dissolved in water and surface sizing starch solution


1. It can significantly improve the surface strength.
2. Partly replace the usage of internal sizing agent.
3. It also has good mechanical stability with less bubbles generated during the operational process.



1. Consumption:1-5Kg per tone of paper.
2. Dose LSB-02 slowly into material-compound tank of surface size starch at the state of stirring, when the solution is uniformed which can be used on the sizing machine. Or dose continually by measure pump before starch dosing in the sizing machine.

Package and storage

200KG or 1000KG plastic drums.

Store in dry warehouse protected from directly sunlight or frost. The storage temperature should be below 30℃.Use up ASAP once the drum opened. It can not be mixed with strong alkali. Wash with flow water once touched. The storage period is 6 months( 4℃—30℃).



Q1: How can I get sample for lab test?
We could provide some free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex,DHL,etc) for sample arrangement.

Q2: Do you have your own factory?
Yes, welcome to visit us.

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