Cationic Rosin Sizing LSR-35

Cationic Rosin Sizing LSR-35

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The cationic rosin size is made with the international advanced technique of high-pressure homogenization.Particle diameter in its emulsion is even and its stability is good.It is particularly suitable for cultural paper and special gelatin paper.

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Appearance White emulsion
Solid content(%) 35.0±1.0
Charge Cationic
Viscosity ≤50 mPa.s(25℃)
PH 2-4
Solubility good

Usage method

It can be used directly,or diluted to 3 to 5 times with clarified water.Recommended adding point is before fan-pump and rosin size is continuously added in by metering pump.Or rosin size can be added with aluminium sulfate at the point after the pressure screen and the adding amount is 0.3-1.5% of the absolute dry fibre.Retention agents such as aluminium sulfate can be added in at the same position or the mixing chest or machine chest.Sizing pH is controlled at 4.5-6.5 and pH of white water under the wire is controlled at 5-6.5.

Application Fields




It is particularly suitable for cultural paper and special gelatin paper.

Package and storage

Packed in plastic drums with capacity of 200 Kg or 1000Kg.

This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, shady and cool warehouse and protected from frost and direct sunlight. This product should avoid the touch with strong alkali.
Storage temperature should be 4-25℃.
Shelf life: 6 months



Q1: How can I get sample for lab test?
We could provide some free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex,DHL,etc) for sample arrangement.

Q2: What is your main sales market?
Asia,America,and Africa are our main markets.

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