Akd emulsion

Akd emulsion

Short Description:

AKD emulsion is one of the reactive neutral sizing agents, it can be used in the process of neutral paper making in factories directly. Paper can not only be endowed with predominant capability of water resistance, and soak capability of acid alkaline liquor, but also with ability of brim soaking resistance.

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Item Index
LS-A10 LS-A15 LS-A20
Appearance Milk white emulsion
solid content,% 10.0±0.5 15.0±0.5 20±0.5
viscosity, mPa.s, 25, max. 10 15 20
pH value 2-4 2-4 2-4


By using it can improve physical properties of paper, it has been widely used in producing various kind of paper, such as art base paper, electrostatic autographic transfer paper, double colloid paper, noncarbon paper, archival paper, photo base paper, yew base paper, stamp base paper, napkin, etc.

Usage method


The product can be directly add to the thick pulp, or add to the mixing chest after diluted. And it can also be tub-sized after the former paper dried. The added amount should be 0.1%-0.2% of absolute dry pulp for normal sizing, 0.3%-0.4% for heavy sizing. Double resident system of cation starch and polyacrylamide should be coupled with at the same time. The cation starch should be quaternary ammonium type, its substitute degree is more than 0.025% and its usage should be 0.6%-1.2% of absolute dry pulp. The molecular weight of polyacrylamide is 3,000,000-5,000,000, its concentration is 0.05%-0.1% and its usage should be100ppm-300ppm. The PH of pulp is 8.0-8.5.

Package and storage

Package :
Packed in plastic drum, 200 Kg or 1000Kg each, or 23tons/flexibag.

This product should be stored in a dry warehouse, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be 4- 30℃.
Shelf life:3 months



Q1: What kind of certificates do you have?
We have NSF,ISO ,SGS, BV certificates,etc.

Q2: What is your capacity every month?
About 20000 tons/month.

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