Polyacrylamide(PAM) Emulsion

Polyacrylamide(PAM) Emulsion

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Polyacrylamide emulsion
CAS No.: 9003-05-8
Chemical name: Polyacrylamide emulsion
The product is a synthetic organic polymeric emulsion with high molecular weight, used for the clarification of industrial waste waters and surface waters and for sludge conditioning. The use of this flocculant ensures high clarity of the treated water, remarkable increase of the sedimentation rate as well as the possibility to operate over a wide PH range. The product is easy to handle and dissolves very rapidly in water. It is used in varies industrial sectors, such as : food industry, iron and steel industry, paper making, mining sector, petrolchemical sector,etc.

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Product code Ionic character Charge degree Molecular weight Bulk viscosity UL Viscosity Solid content(%) Type
AE8010 Anionic low high 500-2000 3-9 30-40 w/o
AE8020 Anionic medium high 500-2000 3-9 30-40 w/o
AE8030 Anionic medium high 500-2000 6-10 30-40 w/o
AE8040 Anionic high high 500-2000 6-10 30-40 w/o
CE6025 cationic low medium 900-1500 3-7 35-45 w/o
CE6055 cationic medium high 900-1500 3-7 35-45 w/o
CE6065 cationic high high 900-1500 4-8 35-45 w/o
CE6090 cationic very high high 900-1500 3-7 40-55 w/o


1. Used as paper retention for culture paper, newspaper and cardboard paper, etc, with high-effective contents, fast-dissolving, low dosage, doubled efficiency than other water-in-water emulsion.
2. Used as water treatment chemical for municipal sewage, papermaking, dyeing, coal washing, mill run and other industrial wastewater treatment and oil drilling , with high-viscosity, fast-reaction, broad application, convenient to use.


1. Operator should wear protective appliance to avoid touching skin. If so, wash immediately to rinse out.
2. Avoid sprinkling on floor . If so, clear in time to prevent slip and injure.
3. Store the product in dry and cool place, at the suitable temperature of 5℃-30℃

Package and storage

Shelf life: 6 months



Q1: How many kinds of PAM do you have?
According to the nature of ions, we have CPAM, APAM and NPAM.

Q2: How to use your PAM?
We suggest that when PAM is dissolved into a solution, put it into sewage for use, the effect is better than direct dosing.

Q3: What is the general content of PAM solution?
Neutral water is preferred, and PAM is generally used as a 0.1% to 0.2% solution. The final solution ratio and dosage are based on laboratory tests.

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