Water Decoloring Agent

Water Decoloring Agent

Short Description:

CAS Number: 55295-98-2
Trade name: LSD-01 / LSD-03 /lsd-07Decoloring Agent
Chemical name: PolyDCD; Dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin

Product Detail

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Product Code LSD-01 LSD-03 LSD-07
Appearance Colorless or light-color sticky liquid Light yellow or yellow sticky liquid Colorless or light-color sticky liquid
Solid Content ≥50.0
Viscosity(mpa.s 20℃) 30-1000 5-500 30-1000
PH(30% water solution) 2.0-5.0

Product Description

Water Decoloring Agent
CAS N0.55295-98-2

Description:Liquid Cationic Copolymer、Solid Content:>50%、Different Viscosity (molecular weight)

Application:Wastewater treatment、Pulp&Paper industry、Coaking wastewater、Textile industry、Ink wastewater

Advantages:Strong Decolor-ization
Faster Sedimentation better Flocculation
COD remove better(about 60%)
Non-pollution(no aluminum,chlorineheavy metal ions etc)

Application method and notes

1 .The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water, then added to the wastewater directly. After stirring for several minutes, the clear water will be got by precipitation or air-floatation.
2. The optimized pH of the wastewater accepted is 6-10.
3. It is recommended to use this product with the inorganic flocculants to treat the effluent with high color and COD to reduce the operation cost. The order and proportion of agent dosage depend on the flocculation test and the effluent treatment process.
4. The product would show layer separation and become white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the usage after mixing


Product Application

Example of treatment for printing and dyeing wastewater:

Factory: one of Changshu Printing and Dyeing Factory
Raw water analysis: the chromaticity of the raw water quality changes between80-200 times,and the p(CODcr) changes between 300-800 ma/L
Treatment process: bio-treatment-chemicals( decolor+pac+pam)
Dosage: decolor 200mg/l,PAC 150mg/l,Pam 1.5mg/l

Wasserbecken in der Sonne in Südeuropa

Package and storage:

Store in dry and ventilated room, recommended temperature 5-30℃.
The product is packed in 250kg/drum, or 1250kg/IBC.
Shelf life: 12 months



Q1: How can I get a sample?
A: We could provide small amount free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex ,DHL ACCOUNT) for sample arrangement. Or you can pay it though Alibaba by your credit card, no extra bank charges

Q2. How to know the exact price for this product?
A: Provide your email address or any other contact details. We will reply you a latest and exact price immediately.

Q3: How can I make payment safe?
A: We are Trade Assurance supplier, Trade Assurance protects online orders when payment is made through

Q4: What is about the delivery time?
A: Usually we will arrange the shipment within 7 -15 days after advance payment..

Q5: How can you ensure the quality ?
A: We have our own complete quality management system, before loading we will test all batches of the chemicals. Our product quality is well recognized by many markets.

Q6: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P etc. we can discuss to get an agreement together

Q7:How to use decoloring agent?
A:The best method is to use it together with PAC+PAM, which has the lowest processing cost. The detailed guidence is avalible, welcome to contact us.

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