Cationic SAE Surface sizing agent LSB-01

Cationic SAE Surface sizing agent LSB-01

Short Description:

Surface sizing agent TCL 1915 is a new type of surface sizing agent that synthesized by copolymerization of styrene and ester. It can efficiently combine with starch result with good cross link intensity and hydrophobic properties. With lower dosage, lower cost and easy use advantages, it has good film-forming and strengthening property,It is mainly used for surface size of cardboard paper, corrugulated paper, craft paper etc.

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Appearance Brown beige liquid
Solid content (%) 30.0±2.0
Viscosity ,mPa.s (25℃) ≤100
pH 2-4
Specific gravity 1.00-1.03 (25℃)
Ionic cationic


1. It can significantly improve the surface strength.
2. Partly replace the usage of internal sizing agent.
3. It also has good mechanical stability with less bubbles generated during the operational process.
4. The curing time is shorter, the paper cared used off paper machine.

Use Method


The product is weak cationic, it can be used with cation and nonionic additive, such as cationic starch、basic dye and polyvinyl alcohol etc, but cannot be mix used with additive of strong cation.
The consumption of the product depends on the quality of base paper, internal sizing and size resistance. It is usually 0.5-2.5% of oven dry weight.

Package and storage

Package :
Packed in plastic drums with capacity of 200 Kg or 1000Kg.

This product should be stored in a dry warehouse, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be 4- 30℃.
Shelf life: 6 months



Q1: How can I get sample for lab test?
We could provide some free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex,DHL,etc) for sample arrangement.

Q2: Do you have your own factory?
Yes, welcome to visit us.

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