Three Main Categories of Decolorization Products

Three Main Categories of Decolorization Products

Decolorization products are divided into three main categories according to the principle of decolorization:

1. Flocculating decolorizer, a quaternary amine cationic polymer compound that combines decolorization, flocculation and COD degradation in a single product. By chemically reacting with molecules of colour-forming groups such as dyestuffs, the colour-forming groups are destroyed. At the same time, it can physical reactions such as adsorption and bridging are produced with the colour-forming molecules, therefore flocculating and settling the coloured substances. These reacted molecules are organic, so the decoloring agent can achieve the purpose of reducing COD and decolorization.

2. Oxidizing decolorizer, using oxidizing substances, such as sodium chlorate, potassium permanganate, ozone, etc., to destroy the coloured groups to achieve the purpose of removing the colour.

3. Adsorption type decolorizer, for example activated carbon, white clay or adsorption resin, which can be used to filter out impurities and oxides in the oil directly by filtration. They combines functions of impurity removal, odour removal, decolorization and separation, turning the blackened oil into a light coloured and transparent liquid, and the acid value and colour of the processed diesel oil meets the national fuel standards.


Application&Notice of water decoloring agent:
Water decoloring agent produced by WUXI LANSEN CHEMICALS CO.,LTD is a cationic copolymer, belongs to flocculating decolorizer, it has various application, mainly as follows:

1. For the decoloring of high colour wastewater from dyestuff plants. It can be applied to the treatment of wastewater from reactive, acid and disperse dyestuffs.
2. It can also be used for treatment of textile and dyeing wastewater, and also wastewater such as pigment, ink and papermaking industry.
3. It can also be used as strengthen agent and sizing agent for paper making.

Water decoloring agent can be used alone or together with polymeric aluminium chloride, polyacrylamide etc, which has a better water purification effect with different agents. As the decoloring agent will produce stratification below 0℃, it’s better to store it above 0℃. If stratification occurs, dissolve and use after stirring evenly, it will not affect performance.
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