How to apply polyacrylamide in paper mills and what role can it play?

How to apply polyacrylamide in paper mills and what role can it play?

Polyacrylamide is a high-quality additive widely used in the paper making industry. It has many unique characteristics and functions, which can significantly improve the production efficiency and product quality of paper mills.

Firstly, PAM can be used for pulp processing. It can be used as a paper homogenizer, enhancer, dispersant, filter aid and so on. Its function is to improve the uniformity of paper, effectively improve paper quality and strength, increase the retention rate of fillers and fine fibers, reduce the loss of raw materials, improve filtration and recovery efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of pulp production, cellulose and other impurities will mix together, which will affect the quality of the paper. Using PAM can separate these impurities and improve the quality of the paper. In addition, PAM can increase the viscosity of the pulp, making the paper more resilient.

Secondly, PAM can also be used for water purification. In the paper making process, a large amount of water is used to clean and flush the paper. These wastewater contain a large amount of organic matter and impurities. If discharged directly into the environment without treatment, it will cause great harm to the surrounding ecological environment. The use of PAM can separate these organic compounds and impurities, thereby purifying water quality. In addition, PAM can also help remove suspended particles and colloidal substances from water, making it clearer and more transparent.

In summary, PAM plays an important role in paper mills. By using PAM, the quality of paper can be improved, waste in the production process can be reduced, wastewater can be purified, and the surrounding ecological environment can be protected. Therefore, in future paper making production, PAM will continue to play an important role.

Written by Kathy Yuan

Wuxi Lansen Chemicals Co., Ltd



Post time: Feb-29-2024